Tuesday, 7 August 2018

6 Reasons Recruiters Are Rejecting Your CV Without Looking At It

To some job-seekers, a CV is a piece of paper with your life printed all over it, but a CV is more than that. Your CV is your ambassador, your Advocate, your “John the Baptist‟.  It introduces, represents and also informs the recruiter’s first impression of you and you know what they say about first impressions. So, your first task as a job seeker is to craft not just a CV, but an exceptional one.

So your CV is great, but you aren’t getting invited for interviews or aptitude tests.  It seems these recruiters aren’t looking at your CV. Well, that is a possibility.

Here are 6 reasons recruiters are rejecting your cv without looking at it.

1.  You don’t name your CV appropriately: A lot of CVs fail to get the employer’s approval because of how they are saved. Think about it; if an employer is receiving thousands of applications on a single position with no proper naming, how are they going to keep track of all the CVs?  I recommend you name your CV by your first and last name. You can also include the job role you are applying for E.g CV – Emem Etuk – Sales Consultant. This will give the recruiter an easier time when short listing and even keep track of all the applicants

2. Sending your CV as a forwarded message: It is important to treat each job application like your first application. Craft a new email message and attached your CV.  Forwarding your CV (from the last application you sent) shows laziness and lack of enthusiasm. So create a completely new email when applying for a job.

3. Sending your CV In wrong format: Recruiters mostly request for CVs in Word and PDF format. I have seen applicants send in their CVs as a picture. That is a big fail! Unless expressly requested by a recruiter, please send your CV in MS Word format.

4. You didn't follow email subject instructions: Some recruiters give special instructions on how email subject should be written. E.g Clerk Lagos. So writing you email subject in a way other than as requested by the recruiter shows you lack attention to details and ability to execute instructions.

5. Recruiters have reached the maximum amount of CVs: Although applications have deadlines, recruiters have an amount of CVs they can process. Yes, some CVs even though sent in early might not be treated as the team have reached the maximum amount of CV they can treat. This happens when recruiters handle recruitment manually

6. You sent it in too late: Application closed yesterday, you sent yours in today. If the recruiter hasn't reached maximum amount of CVs they can treat, maybe they can look at yours. But if they have, they won't open it.

So there you have it; some reasons recruiters are rejecting your CV without looking at it.

Dear Jobseekers, please make necessary amends as it is futile to do things the same way and expect a different result.

Success in your job search!

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