Monday, 12 June 2017

Salary Questions At a Job Interview: How Do You Answer?

I am a member of a HR group on Facebook where job vacancies are posted and HR related issue are resolved. Recently a member made a post asking how best to respond to questions of remuneration.

Member’s Question:

"Hello HR Managers, I am a little puzzled about this particular question HR personnel ask during an interview. What is your last or present salary and what are your expectations? I always feel this question is irrelevant because your organisation always has a budgeted wage bill for the position they are recruiting for, so why ask? What is the right response to this question if asked? And does expectation only include salary? Your valuable inputs would be appreciated".

There were over 27 replies, but one from an experienced HR professional called Chioma was the best and consequently got the highest ‘likes’.

See her reply. (With her permission)

Chioma’s Reply:

"The question is asked mainly to see the worth you place on yourself and also check out your confidence level and negotiation skill, as your answer could lead to negotiation right away. Another thing could be the issue of motivation. It's expected that you should know what can take you home at the end of the month and you are able to deliver on your responsibilities. Recruiters don't want to get you in and the next month you become grumpy. Money is the first level satisfier and should not be joked with during the recruitment process. Even if salary structure exists, it is in bands/steps. So you can get something higher or lesser within the range. Also remember that you are not the only one organisations on the other hand may want to get more for less.

In all, it depends on the circumstance or context. A lot can actually lead to that question during an interview. So have it in mind as one of the interview questions any time any day!! Hope I have helped".

From her reply, you can see that questions on remunerations are inevitable, so it is wise to prepare for it. Remember a good salary is depends on self-worth, negotiation skills, motivation and recruiter’s salary structure.
Success in your job search... and career!
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