Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Yes! My Friend Got A Job!

On my Instagram bio, i described myself as #Jumiaguy (Because I am a sales consultant with Jumia Nigeria), Sit-Down Comedian, Job-seeker, Career Blogger, Social Media Marketer and Author of The Job Seekers Creed™.

Jobseeker? Yes, because i am also still trying to get my dream job.  This means i check out online job vacancies a lot, for me and also for friends who are also seeking employment.

So recently, I shared a scary job vacancy with a friend on WhatsApp. She has passion for the culinary arts and kitchen management.

"Are you familiar with working long hours without breaking down"
didn't scare her.

Guess who is the new manager of a big restaurant in Ikorodu, Lagos?  Yes!!! She is.


1. Tell everyone about your job search. There is too much information out there that you will miss out on plenty, but with people looking out for you the best won't elude you.

2. Search for and apply for jobs within your locality. Employers now have "catchment areas" for prospective employees as they believe that living close to the work prevents lateness and reduces transport expense as salaries these days are low.

3. Employers still use free email services in collecting CVs. Due to the activities of fraudulent recruiters who use free e-mails, many interested job-seekers won't have applied for the job, because the recruiter used Gmail.

4. Apply for jobs you're passionate about. When you're passionate about a job, it shows from you application up to the interview. Nothing says; "I want this job" better than how you talk about it.

Congrats to her.

Check back tomorrow for my experience at the 2017 edition of the YCP annual Job/Entrepreneurship Fair.

Success in your job search... and career!
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  1. Great one there... Hope you get your dream job soon too.

  2. Congratulations to your friend.... May we all get our dream jobs....

  3. Once we get professional with our work and people starting to say this is excellent, then we get tired of this word because it becomes the habit of doing great.

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