Wednesday, 5 April 2017

YCP Job/Entrepreneurship Fair 2017: A Moment Maximized

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”. - William Durant (American writer, historian and philosopher)

I announced in a previous blog post that i will be attending the YCP Job/Entrepreneurship Fair 2017. So on Saturday 25th March, myself and other young Nigerians converged at St. George’s School Compound, Falomo for the second edition of the Job/Entrepreneurship Fair organized by the Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) of the church of the Assumption Falomo, Lagos and it was EXCELLENT!

This year’s event was themed, “Maximizing The Moment” and indeed the moment was maximized as there were inspiring talks from industry leaders, engaging questions and answer session, CV collection, job interviews, opportunities for networking and plenty of refreshments.

Dame Winnie Akpani (MD/CEO NorthWest Petroleum and Gas Limited)

This year’s speakers were Dame Winnie Akpani (MD/CEO NorthWest Petroleum and Gas Limited) the keynote speaker who spoke on “maximizing the moment”. Senator Mike Ajegbo (Sen. Federal republic of Nigeria) a guest speaker who spoke on “Reposition for Maximum Impact” and Mr. Ike Chioke (GMD, Afrinvest West Africa Limited) the second guest speaker who spoke on “Beginning with the end in mind”.

Senator Mike Ajegbo (Sen. Federal Republic of Nigeria)

Mr. Ike Chioke (GMD, Afrinvest West Africa Limited)

Speaking to the hundreds of attentive youths in attendance, Dame Winnie Akpani started by saying that; “Every day is God’s gift to you and how you use it is a gift to yourself”. She differentiated between intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, took us on a journey through her challenging beginnings to the joy of her mega corporate success. She admonished participants to start small (gutter level) as it will provide a history and track record for achievements. She revealed that many people doubted her ownership of NorthWest Petroleum and Gas Limited, but her “days of little beginnings” spoke for her.

A representative from the Federal Ministry of Labour and Employment, Mrs Badejo, talked about Nelex (National Electronic Labour Exchange) and reiterated the federal government’s plan to reduce unemployment drastically. While "Uncle" Emmanuel Ijewere a chartered accountant and Agripreneur in his talk encouraged participants to tap into Agribusiness as it is the “oil and gas” of tomorrow.

Mr Emmanuel Ijewere (chartered accountant and Agripreneur)

Mrs Badejo, Rep. federal ministry of labour and employment

The job fair proper was fast, fluid and had many more diverse companies and HR consultants present. The question and answer session was fun, engaging and educating. Insights were given as to why recruiters prefer certain classes of degree and why they include age limits in job vacancy requirements.

The YCP Job/Entrepreneurship Fair 2017 was a success as it had many more participants in attendance and I noticed improvements in timing, number of recruiters, arrangement/aesthetics of recruiter’s stand, collection of feedback from the participants and the food (Jollof Rice, beef and nourishing moi-moi to top it).

Registration in progress

Mr. Patrick Andoya (President, YCF, Falomo)

Kudos to Young Catholic Professionals (YCP), Falomo and Patfam Investment Limited (technical partners) for an awesome experience and a moment maximized. The event was relayed on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #YCPJobFair2017

The Young Catholic Professionals (YCP) is open to graduates and they meet every Thursday at the conference room (above the chapel of perpetual adoration) of the church of the Assumption, Falomo, Lagos by 7pm.

Success in your job search... and career!
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  1. Youth Catholic professionals(YCP) works great for the youth who want to pursue their careers as an enterpreneur.This exhibition is a great example of their good work.

  2. Having such a great motto which I read just at the start I already believed that it’s going to be amazing and it actually is