Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Fiction: Cook, Pray, Love


It is not every time find job, find job. Sometimes, one needs to sit down, dig deep, and get imaginative. It is good for your brain and career.

So, in reaction to the recent controversy surrounding a clergy’s opinion about marriage, culinary skills and praying abilities, I wrote this little fiction last night before bed time. Tell me what you think.


After the day's work I stopped by my mechanic's workshop to pick up my trusty old rusty.

"Haa Oga, you don come? A neva finish am o". Said Ambode my mechanic
"Ahan, since morning"? I replied.

He apologized and told me it will be ready in an hour. "Oga go Sidon near the water make breeze touch you small". He said smiling.
I gave him the Tyre covers I had bought on my way there and began walking towards the bench close to the water front.

I had barely sat down when a whiff of perfume hit my nostril. I turned and there she was, the most beautiful thing my tired eyes have seen all day…all week, all month, in fact all year. She smiled like summer and walked like rain.

"Mind if I join you"? She asked with a smile
"Eh? Emm, Emm...sure! Sorry, I mean no." I stammered.

As she sat there reading "Prayer Rain" by Dr. D.K Olukoya, I couldn't help but notice a piece of paper with soup things written at the top and "Okporoko" listed as #1. Oh boy eh! See fine ebony girl with natural Afro and thick natural brows, reading prayer rain and has plans to buy okporoko or has already bought it. "This means she can cook and pray. Chai, I don hammer", I mumbled excitedly to myself.

I looked up to the heavens and thanked God for my car breakdown and for  Ambode's lateness in fixing it. Now I had to make a move.

I was still racking my brain as to how to start a conversation when a wasp came hovering over our heads and made her uneasy.
"Wasps don't sting beautiful ladies" I whispered.

She let out the most beautiful smile I have ever seen and in that brief moment the wasp didn't exist.

Praise the Lord!!