Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Arts XII: Championing Flexible and Affordable Music and Arts Education in Nigeria

Music is big business and Nigeria is full of talented musicians who rose to fame from just one encounter with a musical instrument. While many are interested in music; not many have the time or finance to pursue their interests.
It is on this premise that Arts XII was formed and recently opened to the public. Located at Lekki Lagos, Arts XII is a creative school that offers music and arts education to all seeking to develop their talents.

In a chat with the Director – Phebean - a Saxophonist and Music teacher; she spoke passionately about the need for music and arts education in Nigeria and said she has an “ensemble” of experienced and Certified Musicians and together they aim to help young talents build a sturdy foundation in Music.

As part of their successful opening, Arts XII has launched intensive music classes scheduled to hold from 15th August 2016 at their Arts XII Space located at the 5th Round-about, Lekki Expressway, Lagos.

The Classes are aimed at beginners and intermediate players age 4 – 60 years and boasts of a balanced curriculum of theoretical based practical lessons with 2 classes per week accords participants the choice of choosing 2 days in a week including Saturdays with time slots between 10am and 6pm. With major consideration to Children and Adults who have never played before, the Arts XII Space would make provision of instruments such as Guitar, saxophone, Trumpet, Violin, Bass Guitar, clarinet and Piano; which avails interested persons the opportunity to learn without owning an instrument.

To learn more about Arts XII or to be a part of the intensive music classes visit or Call 0905 832 2602

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  1. Arts is a beautiful field in terms of occupation. Glad to see music and crafts classes happening in a different part of the world. Shows and events like these often produce big stars.