Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Port-Harcourt Ph.D Student Needs a Job

Last year, I told my mentor about my plans to commence an M.Sc program. She asked; "Why"? I couldn't answer the question, hence I shelved the plan.

Above is a picture of a 26 year old lady in Port-Harcourt. She has a B.Sc (Ed) (Counseling and Psychology), an M.Ed (Psychology) and currently studying for a Ph.D (Psychology), yet desperate times has her carrying a placard to call attention to her unemployed state.

Isn't it ironic, that we spend MONEY to get education so we can get a job and get MONEY? Unless she's on scholarship, a Ph.D student shouldn't be carrying a placard seeking employment. This is why you shouldn't just get education for the sake of it. If an M.Sc or Ph.D won't add value to your life and community, don't get it! 

My thoughts: Post graduate education is great, but how relevant is it to your career? Why get an M.Sc only to carry a placard or struggle for entry level jobs with fresh graduates? Get profitable knowledge instead. Get a skill, training or program that equips and positions you to solve real problems and make money.

Success in your job search... and career!

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