Friday, 6 May 2016

Good News For Job Seekers: MTN Nigeria Slashes Data Prices

 Active job seekers know the importance of always having mobile data and are always on the lookout for cheaper alternatives as data prices are still pretty high in Nigeria. The cheapest data in the market is the Glo’s 1.5 GB which goes for N1, 000, but survey and personal experience reveals glo has an endemic challenge with connection speed.

The other cheap alternative is Etisalat’s 1 GB which goes for N1, 000, but Etisalat’s data depletes faster than i can finish a bowl of garri and Afang soup. 

So it was such a delight to learn that MTN Nigeria has slashed data prices in a bit to win back 1,705, 878 data customers they lost according to an NCC report in March this year.

With this New Data proposition, 1.5GB of data will be sold for N1, 000 and 3.5GB data will be sold for N 2, 000. 

New Data proposition

 MTN Nigeria as a market leader has good coverage and connection speed, so a reduction in price is great news. Although the new prices haven’t been update on their website, customers should begin to get information any time soon.

This is NOT an endorsement, I simply have a knack for talking positively about brands that deliver.

Success in your job search!

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