Tuesday, 5 April 2016

A Beautiful Rejection

The “fear of rejection” is a really strong phobia. Scientists, authors, inventors and almost everyone who has impacted the human race has felt it at least once. So it is quite normal for you as a job-seeker to fear the possibility of your application being rejected or not scaling through the interview phase of a recruitment exercise.

During recruitments, some candidates will get a “regret” email after applying for a job, after the aptitude test or after the interview stage. “Regret” email is basically a message sent by recruiters to candidates who are no longer under consideration to inform them about the status of their application.

While some of these regret emails are short and straight forward like this one a friend got from Etisalat Nigeria.
Dear Candidate,
Thank you for your interest in the Etisalat Customer Service Representative role with ESMCS.
Based on your performance in the Personality Profiling Assessment (PPA), we regret to inform you that you did not meet our client's requirement hence we shall not be progressing your candidacy in this recruitment process.
We wish you success in all your future endeavors.
Customer Care Recruitment
Etisalat Nigeria
Others are more personal like this one I stumbled on recently. I call it “A Beautiful Rejection”. It is from a 2015 recruitment exercise by Nigerian Breweries. It reads;

Dear Tegah
Thank you for your recent application for the Trainee Shift Manager Packaging position.
I regret to inform you that we are unable to progress you to the next stage of the recruitment and selection exercise. I wish I were writing to report a different decision, but the competition was very keen and we felt another candidate was closer to our job specifications.
This is in no way a reflection on the quality of your background or your experience. We wish it were possible for us to employ more of our fine applicants but for the limited available vacancies.
We very much appreciate the interest you have shown in Nigerian Breweries Plc. We hope that you will accept the best wishes of the Company for success in all your future endeavors.
Yours Sincerely,
Chidi Nwankpele

Woah! This is beautiful, reassuring and motivating. No candidate will feel rejected by this email. The applicant who received it said; “Oboy, When I receive this regret mail from Chidi Nwankpele it was just like 'love letter' e just sweet me to the read over and again, I come even 4get sey na regret mail. I must buy that guy stout wen eva I meet am. Though I knw free drinks isn't his probs”.

Hilarious, right?

In this era where many recruiters don’t find it necessary to updates applicants as to the progress of their applications, it is reassuring to know that there are yet many others who give applicants good closure and make them feel confident and accept rejection with pride.

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