Saturday, 27 February 2016

Social Media Can Ruin Your Career

There are many stories about how social media has ruined people’s careers, but this latest story out of Nasarawa state – Nigeria - is very close to home.

Apparently, a civil servant made some critical comments about the Nasarawa state Government on Facebook. Word got out and her appointment was terminated, even though this wasn’t stated as the reason for her sack.

The lady is Ruquayyat Tijjani Usman and was employed as state counsel to the Nasarawa state Govrnement
See below the Facebook post and the termination letter as share on her twitter handle.
I will keep my opinion to myself, but the lessons here are:
  • Social media is an open platform. Your employer might be following you on twitter, Facebook etc. 
  • You need to keep work at work. Keep grievances and work related issues at work. 
  • People don’t judge you by your intentions, but your actions (comments). 
Play safe online, especially as a job-seekers. Success in your career!

Connect, be social...

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