Sunday, 7 February 2016

MyJob Mobile App: A Job-seekers’ App

Looking for a job is a job on its own; hence job-seekers need to be effective at it. It is not enough to scatter your CVs on the internet and pound the streets, you need to find and employ relevant job search tools to aid your search.
One of such tools is “MyJob”.

MyJob is an android based jobs and aptitude tests application developed by a young Nigerian, Akinola Olayinka. I stumbled on it while surfing the internet for personal development materials and it has gained a permanent place on my device.

With MyJob Mobile App, you can practice timed aptitude test questions, get sample responses to interview questions and also get job vacancy notifications.

The Aptitude tests (Numeric, verbal, spatial, abstract) are categorized based on industries and the various companies in that industry. With a total file size of 4.35mb, the App doesn’t take up much space on your Android device,yet offers so much value.

Get the App here: or on Android PlayStore

On this Blog, there is a JOB SEARCH RESOURCES page with Job search materials guaranteed to fast track your job search and help fulfill your career plans. Use it and share with friends and loved ones.


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