Saturday, 6 February 2016

Intern Fell Asleep At Work and Becomes An Internet Celebrity

Falling asleep on-the-job on your first day at work will get you at least a verbal reprimand, but not for TheOrangeDuke (Nickname).

Just one day into his new role as an intern at a tech start-up, he fell asleep at his desk. Thankfully, his new colleagues saw the funny side, deciding to take a team photo with the snoozing intern at the centre. When the drowsy intern finally awoke, he found the picture so amusing that he decided to post it onto Reddit and viola; internet stardom!

Things got even more hilarious as photoshop gurus had a field day with the picture.

                                                                                         As a Movie Poster

                                                                                           A Homer Simpson meme

                                                                                            A sleeping Rockstar

                                                                               As a group picture of himself
Ironically, sleeping on the job is acceptable in Japan, as it is viewed as exhaustion from working hard. It is called Inemuri (居眠り)

TheOrangeDuke is lucky that humour is one of the core values of the tech start-up he interns at. Please don’t Inemuri-rize in Nigeria; it will earn you a query.

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