Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Interview Candidate Asks Interviewer for "Transport Money"

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In an interview, the recruiter usually ends the interview by asking if you have any question. This gives the candidate an opportunity to get clarification on grey areas of the remuneration, job description and company policy/process.

I recently read online how a candidate used this 'golden opportunity' in an amusing and almost silly way.

The candidate apparently expended all his transport fare due to difficulties in locating the company and when asked if he had any questions, used the opportunity to ask the HR officer for “Transport Money”.


He posted the story himself on an internet forum. He said;
So I was invited for an IT/Software support position in a company domiciled in Maryland. I was low on cash but embarked with my last 500 naira. I spent 400 naira to get to the venue and was putting my faith in Jah for journey mercies back home.

I was dismayed when an occupant told me that the company has relocated to Yaba. Then I knew I was in deep soup.
I spent my last 100 naira to get to the new venue.

Long story short, after the interview, the Hr asked me if I had any question for him I said 'yes pls can you find me 500 naira, I don't have transport back home...spent all my cash locating this place'

omo, the hr gave me the money and I said bye bye
It might not have been a wise move, but you will agree it is a brave move.

Personally, i don't think i'll  have asked the HR officer, i’ll rather ask the front desk officer or the janitor. 

What would you have done?

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