Saturday, 5 December 2015

Fidelity Bank Recruitment Causing Anxiety Amongst Job Seekers- Part 2

In my last blog post i wrote about how Fidelity Bank included Bank, Bank account and BVN as job application requirement and also mentioned how they didn’t reply my email or tweets enquiring about this development.

Well, i followed up on the story online and here are some of the comments from applicants who gave out these sensitive information while filling out the application form on Fidelity Banks career portal.

If you recently filled in your account number and bvn into fidelity bank recruitment portal, there's need to worry. I just got back to the branch in ibara abk and I was told their site was hacked thus I should empty my account and open another one since those who hacked it have my details.

Pls do the same if you're in this situation too.”
“I also saw it and stopped filling the form.”

“I was at their head office on friday after calling the customer care on thursday to find out but to my dismay some of the staff had no idea how they came about that account number/Bvn page on the website even though they confirmed that it is their authentic site? They directed me to the HR department where I was told the personnels are unavailable. I am thinking of completing the application and hoping no one will tamper with my account...”

“Why should fidelity bank ask for bvn in the first place. This is an irresponsible act by fidelity bank.”

“Even if they have your bvn and account number I don't still see a way you can be defrauded.”

“I saw d site and I was really skeptical abt it.. I mean, who even asks for bvn? angry when banks have told all customers to keep thr bvn private... Den some people will still fall for easy scam... Its so pathetic tho. Even at dat, even if a bank dats recruiting wants to ask for account number and bvn, its only wen a candidate has successfuly gotten d job and they r concluding on remuneration of whch they will open an account wit d bank sef... Cuz all staff must hav an account with d bank...Sometimes its just easy to scam some nigerians....”

“when we told some mumu nairalanders last week that no bank will ask for their bvn and account number during recruitment,they were arguing.

I pointed to the fact that have been in the industry for long and that no bank will ask for acct number they argued. Once you are employed they open a staff salary acct for newly employed staffs.”

“Hacked! Too bad. What kind of form did you guys filled that asked for your acct number and BVN? I can't try that poo. It smells scam already. Where is the education we got from the universities? I thought we did philosophy and logic in gst. Where has LOGIC gone to?”

“Fidelity should be sanctioned and sued, Not because they were hacked even too sites in US are usually hacked but for the fact that they kept quiet about it puting people in danger of loss of funds , I think they should be sanctioned”

“In as much as I don't in anyway support fraud/scam/identity theft or any criminal act. I don't think one revealing his/her BVN has any risk.”

“Yes it was a scam. My elder brother that I called that same day told me that they are recruiting but not through the site. And they don't ask for account number nor BVN during application. Coz even if you are employed, the bank will open a salary account for you. Well, I'm glad you still made your enquiry. Thanks for warning others. If you need to apply, just go to any Fidelity Bank branch and submit your CV. I submitted mine that same day and remains a week for it to be closed.”

“FIDELITY BANK SITE WAS NOT HACKED!!! Anyway this Topic link was successfuly sent to a staff) in their VI head office i told him to confirm he said it is just a rumour.”

“I was also at their office at Kofo Abayomi Street on friday and was redirected to their HR office. On getting there, I approached the customer service officers in the branch and all I could see written on their faces is disturbance cos they could hardly give me a reason why adding one's account details was on the webpage and they advised me to meet their HR officers whom were unavoidably absent at the time I got to their office. Not forgetting, I called their call centre and was told to desist from filling my bank account details. Why the confusion?”

“I initially went to fidelity bank branch 2 weeks ago after I filled the form on their official website cos I was scared after filling my bvn and acct number.

At the branch, they confirmed it's truly their website but the part where bvn and acct no was asked was also not clear to them. Thus I was asked to block my acct so my money won't be touched even if there's something fishy and I was told to check back after they have confirmed what's happening with their head IT personnel.

Today, I went back and met an admin in the branch and she told me the site was hacked and the portal has been brought down and that I should open another acct and move my money into it since the hackers must already have the details of my blocked acct...”

“Can u imagine, I almost fell for this as well. I got to dat stage where u had to input ur bank details but halted there intending to go and confirm at the said bank but since then av not gotten chance to go..thank God I got this nice piece of info. Saved me d stress of going there and as well from dis God4saken fraudsters.....”

“Hey, I went to a sub branch in kaduna n I was directed 2 thr head branch, on getting thr dey said dey don't accept CVs, I shud go online, I tried 2 xplain 2d guy about diz bvn/account no tingy on thr online portal buh he was like, I shud go 2 thr new site, dat dey ve an old site...I jus figured he dint knw much about it, so I jus gave up n left... after wasting my tfair,”

“Well, I just confirmed from a reliable source at Fidelity Bank that their website is secured and was not hacked at any time. So, for those who populated their details such as BVN and other details be rest assured that your details are secured on their careers portal. Their website remain a safe heaven for guarantee information as always”

From these comment you can sense fear and confusion. All these stems from the fact that recruiters (in this case Fidelity Bank) do not communicate with their applicants. In my book – The Job Seekers Creed – I talked about Unilateral Employer-Applicant Interaction; this implies the one-sided interaction between employers and applicants.

As at this moment Fidelity Bank is yet to respond to my email or tweet, hence, i cannot say if the portal was hacked or the information required was sanctioned by the HR department.

What i can say though is…Dear Job Seekers, be safe out there!

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