Friday, 13 November 2015

Miraculous Way I Got A Job Without Connection!!! - Life Testimony

Hello Job-seekers,

This is a job success story to inspire you. I am sharing this (unedited) with the permission of the author. Be inspired!

"I have got a job finally!

I want to thank God for d miraculous way in which he did it.

Let me tell you my entire story. I studied an engineering course in the University, graduate with a 2.1 and finished my NYSC early last year. I have submitted countless applications online,(because I had a 2.1 I always get test invitations) & did over 20 tests and interviews but always get the "we will get back to you" feedback.

Out of frustration I took a 35K job offer as a Sales rep in a FMCG company, the MD of the company is very abusive and always hire and fire at will. I did this job for over a year till I got fed up because I couldn't take it anymore.

During the 1year period of working in the FMCG Company, I kept updating my skills by learning AutoCAD, PDMS and 2 other engineering softwares from my savings because those trainings are very expensive.

I resigned few months back and relocated to Lagos. Then I continued applying for jobs online and then I compiled a list of almost 200 oil and gas companies in Lagos through google and linkedin contacts, wrote their names, addresses , fone numbers and emails. I sent unsolicited applications together with my CV to all the companies and waited for 2 weeks but yet no positive responses.

Then I changed tactics and started sending text messages & calling the landlines of those companies yet I kept getting the same responses of "we are not employing for now", "the oil industry is in crisis", "We'll get back to you if we need you".

Then last week I got fed up and started visiting those companies physically to drop hard copies of my CVs and applications. Then within few days, I started getting test & interview invitations, but all are still inconclusive. Then I got a call last week friday to come to an oil servicing company I submitted CV in VI. 

I went there I was told they are interested in me because of the engineering softwares I said I know and we did the interview and on the spot the told me the job function as a Trainee Engineer, and I was really happy that I will get good experience with the job, but what shocked me the most was when the issue of salary came, they asked what I would collect I wanted to mention that it is in the region of 70-90K so as not to discourage them because we are all aware of the Issues in the Oil & Gas industry and also because the company was a small one with just an ugly bungalow and am sure their staffs are not up to 20,  then I told them am willing to go with their company's structure for entry-level engineers. 

Then the HR just told me the will start with an amount (over 100K) & that I am to start immediately, and asked if I will take it, I was speechless and just said Yes, because despite the mass sacking in the oil industry & bad economy I still got a good job without any connection or experience in the oil industry. 

I couldn't hold my joy when I was shown to my work station and work commenced. Pls fellow applicants don't loose hope, keep trusting God and He will do it for us all".


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  1. This is wonderful and Very inspirational. You need to share it with more youths out there.