Friday, 13 November 2015

Fidelity Bank Recruitment Causing Anxiety Amongst Job Seekers

I stumbled on a discussion on an online forum and decided to share with you.

Apparently Fidelity bank is currently calling for CVs, but a requirement in the application process is causing anxiety amongst the applicants.

Visiting their career portal on you will register (new user) and verify your registration or you login if you already have an account on the portal.

Now filing out the application form you will be required to fill out a field for Bank Verification Number, Bank and Account number.

It is Scary and disturbing right? I think so too.

Question is why will a recruiter ask for these confidential information? Well, I have some theories.

  1. They want to ensure that applicants have a BVN in line with CBNs drive to ensure every account holder has one.

    2. It is for insurance purposes. The banking sector has the highest risk for fraud related activities and these details can come in handy should an applicant (potential employee) defraud the bank.

I sent an email to the bank and also tweeted at them enquiring if this was a possible phishing scam and why they needed these details, but I am yet to get a reply.

Personally, I feel asking for the BVN is acceptable, but asking for an applicants bank and account number at the application stage is not ethical.

The good news is you can submit a hard-copy application at any of the banks branches.

Stay safe and good luck!

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