Saturday, 26 September 2015

Recruiter's Opinion: Why You Might Not Be Getting Responses To Job Applications

I found an article written by a recruiter and it is an eyeopener to the reasons your job search might be taking forever. Please read and take correctives steps if your are guilty of these job search mistakes.

"Recently, i decided to conduct an interview and select some candidates who might be working with my organization. Currently we are trying to expand our operations and see how we can get new leads and probably close more deals. And from my survey, there are hundreds and possibly thousands of unemployed graduates here in Nigeria so i decided to concentrate on recruiting from here.
Now because of the nature of the job and also with a view in cutting cost around physical recruitment exercise, I decided to conduct the who process online.
567 applications where received. I had to employ the services an outside consultant to help with the process which i also fully participated. Below are my shocking experiences with job seekers in this forum. I pray they read this and improve on themselves.

1. CV and cover letter.
I remember explictly asking for their CV and cover letter to be forwarded to a particular email address. A huge percentage of the applicants just sent an empty email with their CV as an attachment. Not even an application letter. In case you dont know, a very quick accessment can be done on you by just reading your application or cover letter. You don’t just attach your CV and forward to an email address without a cover letter. It means you are not serious and you may NEVER get called for an interview.
2. Many do not even know what they are applying for.
For an example you are asked to apply for an administrative position. The subject of your email should not be “My CV”. This is so annoying and disgusting. Those that manage to write a cover letter do not even make reference to the job position they are applying for.

3. Lack of communication skills.
Now it is not enough to have a degree, you must learn to communicate. I sent out a pre-interview questionnaire to selected candidates and i just couldn’t believe what i saw. So many job seekers do not know how to communicate and speak simple and clear English language. If you want to stand a better chance in job haunting, learn how to communicate.

4. Words abbreviations
This is a very big problem. Social medial is good but i think it’s now becoming a major problem. With the use of BBM, whatsapp, Facebook chat, etc, Nigerians are now addicted to abbreviating words. You see things like ‘u’, ‘k’, ‘comin’, etc. And in case you dont know it, this can cause a very big problem for you. A lot of candidates get disqualified because of this. Learn to write properly when communicating with someone. Stop being in a hurry to pass along your message.

5. Checking of emails.
As a job seeker, you should always check your emails. Recruiters dont just send text messages, they also send emails. I did not screen a lot of people because they did not check their emails to see if any information has been passed to them. You must always be on the look out. Dont submit your applications and go relaxing.

These are some of the experiences i had recruiting here. Out of 567 applications, i could not pick up to 20 candidates as a result of all these. Sometimes, i begin to wonder if the problem is lack of jobs or laxity of the the applicants"

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