Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Job Search In Nigeria Is Not A Sprint…It’s A Marathon!

Hello Job Seekers,

have you noticed that recruitment drives in Nigeria have become somewhat longer than usual? Well, Lengthy recruitment exercise is one of the trends peculiar to the Nigerian job market.

By Lengthy recruitment exercise, i mean a recruitment exercise that takes forever.  An example cited in the book - The Job Seekers’ Creed™- is the 2010 Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) recruitment drive. The recruitment exercise started in December 2010 and the new recruits were inducted in August 2012; after 1 year and 8 months.

C’mon, there’s so much one can accomplish in 1 year and 8 months. You could get married, start an M.Sc program, welcome your first child to the world, finish your MSc program and still haven’t received a letter of employment.

You might argue that this trend is only common with Government ministries, departments and agencies. Well, i stumbled on an online forum discussion by some candidates of a recruitment drive by one of “the big 4” auditing firms in Nigeria. Below is recruitment timeline as posted by one of them:

Aptitude Test                              Dec 12
Documentation                          Dec 18
Assessment Centre                  Feb 24 (After 2 months)
Partner Interview.                      Mar 23 (After 1 month)
Partner Interview                      Jul 24 (After 4 months)
Associate Director Interview.      Aug 6
Partner Interview.                     Aug 7
Medicals                                    Aug 11
Offer Letter                                 Aug 18
Resumption                               Sept 7

That’s 9 months from aptitude test to resumption!

So what’s the point of this epistle? Well, don't give up on a job search because it’s taking too long, neither should you put your life “on hold” because you are waiting for a letter of employment.

Your letter of employment is on its way, but while you wait...volunteer, learn a skill, get a certification or find love.

I wish you success in your job search!

Your Friend,

Emem Etuk

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