Thursday, 30 July 2015

Recruitment via post mail: Employers way of attracting only serious candidates

Hello People, yesterday I sent a friend a link to a graduate administrative officer job opening. She thanked me for the information and minutes later replied; "Post mail? Who does that"? I persuaded her to go ahead and send her cover letter and CV, but she said the post office is too far.

Well, many job seekers are like that. Too reluctant to apply for jobs via post mail (also called snail mail). Truth is; receiving applications via post mail doesn't mean a recruiter is archaic. Recruiter use this medium to discourage mass application. Anyone (with a mobile phone) can send an email, but it takes Cando and genuine interest to visit a post office.
The use of email and applicant tracking system is rigorous ( because of massive application) and expensive. So some firms request for application via post mail.
So don't let reluctance rob you of a good job...lick that postage
N.B: The job vacancy closed August 4th. Apply today.


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