Thursday, 30 July 2015

Discrimination or lack of trust in our educational system?

Hello great people, I saw this on twitter and didn't believe it until I did a Google search about it.
Apparently, a microfinance bank in Lagos only want graduates from;
-Babcock University
-Covenant University
-Lead City University
-Igbinedion University
-American University of Nigeria
-Any foreign University
to apply for an executive trainee position.

I know they have a right to decide the kind of employee they recruit, but taking applications from only select schools sounds discriminatory. This could also be as a result of lack of trust in Nigerian's educational system. After all, there is a common saying that; "Nigerian graduates are not employable",
This trend will definitely further increase the need for online overseas degrees and certification. Something the government is trying to discourage.
So..parents save up, because a Nigerian degree and/or degree from a government owned university is becoming outdated.

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