Thursday, 30 July 2015

Recruitment via post mail: Employers way of attracting only serious candidates

Hello People, yesterday I sent a friend a link to a graduate administrative officer job opening. She thanked me for the information and minutes later replied; "Post mail? Who does that"? I persuaded her to go ahead and send her cover letter and CV, but she said the post office is too far.

Discrimination or lack of trust in our educational system?

Hello great people, I saw this on twitter and didn't believe it until I did a Google search about it.
Apparently, a microfinance bank in Lagos only want graduates from;
-Babcock University
-Covenant University
-Lead City University
-Igbinedion University
-American University of Nigeria
-Any foreign University
to apply for an executive trainee position.
Monday, 27 July 2015


The ultimate goal of every student is to graduate and earn a decent living. This could be through entrepreneurial exercise or working for an employer. I chose to tread the path of the latter, which many graduates will also choose (white collar job).
The first thing that will be sung to you once you start your service year is ‘there is no job in the country’. You will be amazed that people still get jobs on daily basis. The question you will be asking yourself will be ‘Are they not humans like myself?’ The most interesting part is that you maybe be better off academically when compared to them. Another interesting thing you will notice is that most of these people that got employment did not get it within the confine of their field of study.
What then is the secret for getting this job?
Wednesday, 1 July 2015

10 Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Their Resumes

Hello Job Seekers, long time no post.  Sincere apologies! 

I have been busy writing CVs for my clients on  (man must )

See deal here:

While browsing LinkedIn today i found an interesting piece titled; “10 Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Their Resumes”. It is a compilation of expert’s opinion to the question; what are some common mistakes candidates make on their resumes?

Enjoy and please drop comments.