Saturday, 24 January 2015

Consequences of Lying in a Job Interview (Real Life Story)

Hello Job-seekers, i found a story on the internet that reiterates the need for absolute sincerity during a job interview. A job-seeker lied during salary negotiations and consequently ended up in a dilemma. Read his unedited story.

I was employed by this PVC pipe Company 4months ago, leaving my formal place of work without full knowledge that my Boss (now) is a good friend of my formal Boss. I left my formal place of work 6months into my employment with them, and that was when i was due for confirmation of my appointment.

My major reason of leaving was because i wanted to go into my field of study i.e. Manufacturing and Production as a Chemical Engineer. Which i saw the opportunity with my current employer. During negotiations with Director, when he enquired to know how much i am being paid where i was I told him N90,000 (not actual figure), though my salary as at that period was N50,000 (not actual figure). Reason for this was because since i was due for confirmation in d other company, and my salary would be reviewed which will then come close to N80,000. So i told him N90,000, before we started negotiating the salary. During this negotiation, he requested for my pay slip from the previous month. Which i promise to bring it and then we agreed on a gross salary of N70,000 (not actual figure). Few days later after conducting Reference check he called me to put in my resignation in my place of work, and come and work with them, which i did and started work 1month later.

Few weeks later he continued desperately demanding for the pay slip, and my illegibility to produce any was causing problem, i then opted into drafting 1 by myself and gave him. Now 3months has passed, we resumed work on 5th January 2015, and on 7th January i was served a query to explain d discrepancies btw d pay slip i gave him and 1 he obtained from my Ex-boss (His friend) bearing d gross salary of almost all d workers in my formal company during my days with them, which he attached to d query. After replying the query stating that the said discrepancies was as a result of an increase in my salary upon confirmation from my formal employer on d month i left them to his company. So d salary he saw on d salary sheet my ex-boss gave him was before the completion of my probation, which i also showed him where it was stated on d appointment letter from my former employers.

Just yesterday, wen i approached d Admin. Manager to enquire d progress in my case, he told me that the Director isn't going to sack me, but asked him to serve me a letter which has conditions which i guessed should be for Pay Cut.  I am yet to receive the letter this morning. So my question is this 'What do you advice i do if i am presented with the letter today demanding for a PAY CUT?' 

My Take:

1. If you lie about what experience you have, you’ll likely be caught in a lie, because your interviewer will probe into those details.
2. If you lie about your salary in the hopes of getting a higher offer, you risk being found out through a salary verification process.
3. If you lie about anything in a job interview, it can come out when the employer talks to your references.
4. If you somehow get away with lying in an interview, you risk ending up in a job you’ll be fired from.

Stay Employable!

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