Thursday, 31 July 2014

Reasons Your Relatives Can’t Help You Get A Job Where They Work

Reasons Your Relatives Can’t Help You Get A Job Where They Work.

We all have relatives working in big establishments both government and private and as a job seeker you might be amazed and even agitated that your aunt or uncle working in that MNC isn’t helping you get a job in his/her firm. My job search lasted 9 months and in that time I expected my aunt (who works in the HR Department at Chevron Nigeria) to help me get a job there, but no show. It baffled me that I was connected, but cannot
Anyways, I got a job and being employed has exposed me to quite a number of reasons why your relatives can’t help you get a job where they work. Ceteris Paribus, they are;

1. No entry level vacancy: Let’s face it; there aren’t too many entry level positions available. Companies mostly want experienced hires- someone who knows the job well. So that your relative works there doesn’t mean he/she will recommend you without the requisite experience.
2. Strict recruitment procedures: Some companies have very strict recruitment procedures. Some are so strict even if you’re the M.Ds daughter you won’t scale through unless by merit. For example, the Daughter of the GMD of NNPC who failed the 2012 recruitment tests. So believe me, that your uncle can only refer you to the recruitment portal and nothing more. (Ceteris paribus o!)
3. Outsourcing: Most companies now outsource HR functions to 3rd party consultants. E.g Dragnet etc. Ok, so vacancy opens at your uncle’s workplace, but the recruitment process is handled by Dragnet. The best he can do is to give the web link and ensure that you’re invited for aptitude test. He can’t rig your test score for you. (Ceteris paribus o!)
4. Company policy: Most companies don’t employ people related by blood. So, that your uncle works there disqualifies you automatically. I heard of how a panel member at a job interview announced his relationship to a candidate and consequently excused himself. The candidate was his nephew.
5. ‘See finish’: There is something about humans that makes us protective and secretive of our source of income. "ó fè mó bì mó shèn páwó" (Translation - they want to know how i make my money). So your uncle will rather submit your CV everywhere else except his workplace so that you will not “see him finish”.
There you have it; reasons your relatives can’t help you get a job where they work.

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