Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Unemployment Can Be A Blessing!

Unemployment is an evil not exclusive to Nigeria alone. It is a global pandemic causing serious pandemonium amongst the ranks of even the world’s wealthiest nations. So, how can something so evil be a blessing?

Read on!

Unemployment is depressing, frustrating and annoying, but with the right attitude, it can also be the ultimate blessing in disguise. Your mind-set and perception of your “unemployment phase” goes a long way to determine if it’s going to be a blessing or a period of frustration and depression.

My job search wasn’t fairy tale. It was tough. My lowest point was breaking my kid sister’s piggybank (kóló) to get money to photocopy my CV. Clearly, I was frustrated and depressed.

Amazingly, certain events made my “unemployment phase” one of the best periods of my life. How?

1. I learnt financial management: Nothing will make you get better at managing your money than not having a constant source for it.

2. I had time to learn and developed new skills. E.g computer troubleshooting and performance optimization, software installation, Photoshop, Corel draw and animation.

3. I had time to reassess my life and remap trajectory.

4. I had time for personal development. The opportunity to attend lots of seminars and workshops. E.g MTN leadership seminar, The Platform, free ICT Training IDM/NIIT and many more.

5. I had time to build relationships; personally and professionally.

6. I had time to explore my passion project (writing). I have always wanted to author a book. Being unemployed, “I don’t have the time” was no longer an excuse. Hence the idea for my book - THE JOB SEEKERS’ CREED - was conceived.

Believe me; you would not be as ‘free’ as you are right now, if you had a job. So maximize time, do some soul-searching, learn something new, pursue your passion project and make the wait worth the while.

Success in your job search!

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