Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Model CV formats in Nigeria allows for prejudice and discrimination

Hello people, i spent almost 12 months studying the Nigerian job market and gathering job search related knowledge, so i have some expertise in CV writing. After publishing my book, i began offering FREE CV makeovers, and with that my skill improved.

Today a friend told me how a UK M.Sc student saw his CV and asked for a makeover also. He sent his first draft and the first thing i noticed was that there wasn’t a section for personal information like age, sex, religion, nationality etc Yes, i know European countries frown at prejudice and discrimination hence do not attach age and gender requirements to jobs unlike Nigerian companies (mostly banks), i didn’t know that such information doesn’t reflect on their resumes.

This got me thinking, and I’ve concluded that adding these details in a CV might actually cause unpremeditated prejudice and discrimination.
Imagine what might happen to your CV during shortlisting if you listed Aluu as your home town (lol), or you are coincidentally from the same village as the employee who absconded with the company’s assets worth billions of
When doing a makeover, i usually leave out details like state of origin/local government area, religion (unless they are expressly requested for). Employers want you for your skill and not your origin.

I believe that in no distant future our model CV format will not carry details that might lead to unpremeditated prejudice and discrimination.

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