Monday, 3 February 2014

Dear Job-seeker, Display The Right Attitude…Everywhere You Go!

A university degree is not as ‘valuable’ as it used to be and everyone is trainable. In an era when a Ph.D holder can apply for a driving position in Dangote, then you know you need more than a degree. Richard Branson in his book, Business Stripped Bare said; “I hire for attitude and train for skill.” Anybody can learn a skill, but not everyone has the right attitude. Employers are always on the lookout for people with certain attitudes. This attitude can be observed and evaluated during job interviews……or even on the street.  In my book The Job Seekers’ Creed, i shared the story of how a friend got a job with Guarantee Trust Bank because he purchased bread for a stranger in traffic. Read an excerpt;

A close friend, who did his internship at GT Assurance plc and currently works with GTBank plc, shared his recruitment story with me. While returning from one of his pounding the street round, he noticed a man trying to purchase bread whilst in traffic. The traffic jam eased up and the man could not buy the bread anymore. So my friend ran up to the bread seller, took two loaves of bread, ran to the man, and got the bread seller’s money to her. Long story short, he facilitated a sale, got a free ride, a business card, a recommendation for internship and later a recommendation for a job.”

My friend got an internship placement at GT Assurance plc and finally a job with GTBank plc because he exhibited an attitude the “stranger” deemed important to his organization.
Mr Uju Onyechere (motivational speaker and writer) posted an inspirational career story on his Facebook page. 

Read an excerpt;
The story is told of the graduate who hawked a particular malt drink at Allen Avenue junction at Ikeja in Lagos State. This young man took the selling of this product very serious that it became his breakthrough. One day while he was at his trade, a senior official who works with the malt producing company, was on traffic at the avenue and saw the enthusiasm and passion at which the young man was selling their product.  A thought came to him. If this salesman can take his business with this seriousness, imagine if he is properly equipped? So he stopped, beckoned on the young man and gave him his card. So the young man visited the company official at the office and was offered immediate employment as a marketer in the company, with all the enabling tools including a vehicle. The young man didn't set out looking for a job, but made adequate use of what was in his hand.”
These stories have three things in common;
  • 1.       The 2 men didn’t set out looking for job.
  • 2.       The ‘recruiters’ didn’t set out to recruit someone.
  • 3.       The 2 men displayed a valuable attitude while going about their businesses.
The lesson I am trying to drive home is that; having a university degree is good, having the right attitude is better, and displaying this valuable attitude everywhere you go is the best.

Dear job seeker, display that valuable attitude EVERYWHERE YOU GO!


  1. After completing studies our first motto is to build a suitable career. So we are looking for different opportunities to develop our career, it is quite tough to get a better job after studies. Therefore, we need to take some essential steps and follow expert advice and maintain the right attitude to sharp our career. Thanks for providing such a great article.