Sunday, 24 November 2013

Job Search Hazards: Protect Yourself!

In the course of your job search you will encounter fraudsters and scammers, but that doesn’t pose much of a problem as long as you are not gullible enough to part with your hard-earned or hard borrowed money. The real threat and hazard is the growing trend of job search related kidnappings and ritual murders.
A job-seeker gets an invitation for aptitude test or interview. He/she leaves home and never returns.
I was discussing trends in the Nigerian job market with a lady in a bus recently and she told a story of how a lady in her neighbourhood went for an interview and has been missing for 30days now. The victim didn’t inform her relative about the details of the interview. The family had to contact Airtel Nigeria to get details of the text message. They went to the interview location and discovered the address doesn’t exist.
Don’t be a victim. PROTECT yourself. How?

           ·          Don’t hoard information: Share recruitment information with family and friends. 

           ·          Google is an ally: Do a Google search on the company, or post the entire invitation message on the Google search engine. The base your decision to honour such invitation on the search result.

           ·          Ask questions: If a Google search does not reveal much, ask questions on in internet forums like Responses from online forum members are invaluable.

           ·          Do a reconnaissance:  Visit the test/interview location days before the fixed date. Catch them, off guard! If you find the place evaluate the environment for genuineness.

           ·          If you can’t locate the place and the interviewer offers to come pick you up…RUN!!!!!!!!!!!
Please be wise, be safe and shine your eyez. Spread the information.

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