Monday, 7 October 2013

Format, Fast-track and Fulfil Your Career Plans!

As at 2012, 32million of the estimated 166 million people in Nigeria were unemployed. So yes, unemployment is high, but you should not see yourself as “unemployed”. You are a highly employable person who is merely in a temporary state of transition. I say re-evaluate your goals, improve your skills, develop yourself, re-crafted your CV, extended your searchlight, always put your best foot forward, maintain a positive attitude always and that job will be yours.

This and many more are the great insights to be gained by reading THE JOB SEEKERS’ CREED.

The book consists of thirteen chapters, all of which addresses the problems of unemployment as it affects Nigerians and provides insights into navigating the rocky terrain of the Nigerian Job market.

THE JOB SEEKERS’ CREEDis more than just a book; it is a compendium of first-hand experience and many hours of comprehensive research about finding gainful employment in Nigeria. It is a chronicle to help you format, fast track and fulfil your career plans.

Chapters that make up THE JOB SEEKERS’ CREED
•Unemployment: An evil
•Why do you need a job?
•Trends in the Nigerian job market
•Desperate times, desperate measures
•Before start your job search
•Job search tools  
•Unconventional job interviews in Nigeria
•Guerrilla job hunting
•Things that can negatively impact your Job Search
•Coping with the challenges of a protracted job search
•Recruitment fraud
•Fulfil your ‘campaign’ promises.

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