Monday, 7 October 2013

Memoir of a Job-Seeker

Three months, that was the time frame within which I was sure I would get a job. So after the fifth month without a job, depression naturally crept in. My name is Emem Etuk and this is my story.
I graduated from the University of Uyo with a degree in marketing and was posted to serve in Gombe State under the National Youth Service scheme. Service year ended in October, 2011 and despite the reality of job scarcity I was so sure a job will be in my grasp in just three months.  Why was I so certain? Well for one, I was well armed with knowledge and skills I got from attending career seminars and employability workshops like the Microsoft Employability Programme organized by LEAP Africa. I was also certain that my enthusiasm and can-do attitude will work the magic. Yes, knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and a can-do attitude did work some magic, but one essential element was missing – I did not understand the Nigerian job market.

Format, Fast-track and Fulfil Your Career Plans!

As at 2012, 32million of the estimated 166 million people in Nigeria were unemployed. So yes, unemployment is high, but you should not see yourself as “unemployed”. You are a highly employable person who is merely in a temporary state of transition. I say re-evaluate your goals, improve your skills, develop yourself, re-crafted your CV, extended your searchlight, always put your best foot forward, maintain a positive attitude always and that job will be yours.

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